About ASMA

The Africa Smart Meter Association is a Professional Association of establishments ,Vendor representatives ,Standard setting bodies and utilities in Africa that defines specifications, sets the standards, and forms smart meter implementation strategies in Africa with clear focus on   Water, Electricity Oil and Gas .

Electricity and water meters are the ‘cash registers’ of the power and water sector. Without efficient metering, African utilities will not have the necessary funds to invest sufficiently in their grids.

Why we formed the association

Most of the smart meter implementations in almost all African countries are very patchy – there is no implementation uniformity. This inconsistency is a result of poor standardization, which inhibits growth. The reason for this is that the industry itself is fragmented. There is no cohesion among suppliers nor the implementing utilities. Therefore the association will endeavor to do the following:

  • To coordinate the search for knowledge and latest development in the technical, legal, administrative and economic fields for Smart meters technology supply and installation,
  • To promote the exchange of information on methods, processes and procedures of Smart Meter technology and deployment
  • A collaborative environment would bring all experts together to agree on relevant contextual strategies and solutions.
  • A partnership of stakeholders would enable the sharing of know-how and acceptance of relevant definitions and technical requirements with a clear definition of Smart Meters will be an Added Advantage.

Executive Team

Charles Kaloki
Chair – ASMA

James Ngomeli
Secretary General

Job Githingi

Technical Advisor